Irena Sergeeva

birth doula and childbirth educator

for parents finding their way in diverse birth culture of Melbourne

130 million births will happen this year on our planet – and only one you will remember forever.  Yours.



I work to help women to find their way to bring baby into this world that will leave them feeling satisfied, empowered and cared for.

Member of CAPEA, well-versed in different methods such as rebozo comfort techniques, acupressure for birth, hypnotherapy, optimal baby positioning, etc. I feel like I can offer ideas and tools for better and more comfortable birth, but most of all my non-judgmental support and genuine compassionate care can help on your way through this intense experience of bringing baby into the world.


My journey started a little over 10 years ago, when, at the age of 28, pregnant with my first son, I realized that I know almost nothing about childbirth, and most things I knew are stereotypes with little connection with reality. This captured my attention so much that for 6 months my main point of interest, consuming hours of research, conversations, and practice was learning what is it really that can make my birth unfold easily, intensely, and beautifully. And that’s what happened to me, my first birth, not pain-free or a breeze, was a great experience. Then it was time for my friends to give birth, and even after what looked like them getting ready for birth, there was a lot of “I had no idea about that” or “I just forgot everything I learned in birth classes and did not know how to cope”. This brought me to become trained as a doula and support women in this important time so that less and less women I know will say “I wish I knew this before, but nobody told me. I wish somebody could understand me and know how to help me but did not have that”.

I am aware of differences in birth cultures in different countries and how to navigate Australian birth system. I supported births in most hospitals in Melbourne with different models of care, so I am ready and have relevant skills to support women in variety of settings, from homebirth to ceserean birth.

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I think that doula support is not as much about having at your birth an expert who is well versed in the process, but may be even more so – about love, trusting yourself and others, and care, from women to women.  And it seems to me now that these two things – love and care – is something that we lack to grow and birth a child with ease, and to be healthy in general. It turned out to be the key to immense source of power.
– Victoria, mother of Sofia


Doula support is a highly personal service, tailored to unique pregnancy, labour and postpartum experience.

Pregnancy support

Sometimes it can be private childbirth education, tailored to your needs, schedule and circumstances, or consultations on specific topics, from optimal baby positioning (based on spinning babies and rebozo techniques), vbac, going postdates, or choosing your birth plan.

Or perhaps, some physical relaxation with rebozo or massage, hypnobirthing preparation.

And sometimes it is just having a safe space to talk through some fears or emotional issues, complicated life situations that can make a huge positive impact on birth.

Pricing for individual consulations is based on $50 per hour rate, with most sessions requiring around 2 hours.


Labour&Birth support

The most “common” package consists of two prenatal meetings to talk about your birth preferences, try comfort measures and discuss any issues important to you, being on-call for your birth 24/7 in your “due month”, online/text/telephone communication as needed, labour & birth support. The cost for 2021 is $950 and can be paid in instalments up until on-call period.



After birth I continue to care for the mother – postpartum massage, focusing on abdominal area, “closing bones” ceremony, which is a deep yet gentle bodywork, combined with going through your birth story, to be able to leave behind disruptive feelings and take all power the birth experience gave you and move forward into motherhood.


Change of plans support

Sometimes in the end of pregnancy something unexpected happens, that changes completely all the plans that existed before. It usually leaves very little time to recompose yourself, to find new ways of having things that are important to you in birth, or figure out what are the options. And simply be a scary and frustrating experience. And no, it’s not too late to talk to someone you don’t know about birth or bring them into this intimate space – if it will leave you feeling better and knowing you’ve done your best. Give me a call, and if it is humanly possible, I’ll try to help.


What else can help you feel prepared and confident? 

Birthing from within private childbirth classes: practical birth preparation for your unique situation, based on mindfulness practices, understanding of birth culture and pain coping techniques that you will be confident in

Hypnobirth preparation: deep relaxation for birth and beyond

Mother blessings: a celebration of your motherhood journey that leaves you feeling nourished, loved and strong

Pregnancy rebozo massage: relaxing your body gently

Spinning babies techniques sessions: balancing your pelvis for optimal baby position

Acupressure learning sessions: learn how to apply acupressure yourself or with your partner to relieve discomfort and achieve shorter, easier and more comfortable birth (centuries old tradition that is evidence based, too!)